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Foxtail Softie (Ages 3+)

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Need game ideas to mix things up or entertain large groups? Check out our Foxtail Game Guide. Email or message us for more!

Soft and safe, the Foxtail Softie toy ball is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination.

A  popular and safer version of our classic Foxtail Sport, the Foxtail Softie uses a large, extra soft, mesh-covered foam ball on its end, soft enough for kids 3+. The soft foam also makes this swing-n-throw toy safer for indoors, even though Foxtails prefer to be played with outside.

Just spin by the tail, and let it fly! Easy to throw and easy to catch, plus bonk-your-brother-soft.

  • Ages 3+
  • Soft foam ball makes for fun and safe throwing and catching for young kids.
  • Flies up to 30 yards!
  • Game instructions come included.

The Foxtail has always been perfect for outdoor, open-field play!  More specifically, the Foxtail is great for improving coordination, agility, and reflexes, while the point system serves as a great tool for driving self-improvement and healthy competition.  Of course, any catch game is best played with two or more people -- Yay, social interaction!

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