The Foxtail Collection:

The original Foxtail toy, once brought to you by Klutz, is now back with many new varieties: The Foxtail Sport, Foxtail Softie, Foxtail LED, and the latest, our Foxtail Fetch! The Foxtail Sport, also known as the original or “classic” Foxtail ball, is the swing-n-throw toy we all remember and love. The Foxtail Softie is the classic’s counterpart for toddlers, the soft foam ball is suitable for children 3+, and completely bonk-your-brother safe! The Foxtail LED extends foxtail playtime into the evening, creating beautiful streaks of color across the night sky.

And finally, with the new Foxtail Fetch, foxtail is no longer just for humans. This Foxtail for dogs is the ultimate fetch toy. With a long tail, the Fetch is easy to throw extra long distances. The new rubber ball makes this a durable and safe dog toy.

Need game ideas to mix things up or entertain large groups? Check out our Foxtail Game Guide. Email or message us for more!