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Meet the Team

John Cassidy 

Board of Advisors

John founded and ran Klutz for the majority of his career.  He now advises Cassidy Labs' creative and business decisions as well as teaches at the Stanford School of Design.




Scott Cassidy


Scott runs Cassidy Labs and is in charge of creative and business development.


 Lizzi Kresteller
Customer Success Manager

Lizzi joined Cassidy Labs early and is in charge of developing and maintaining positive relationships with Cassidy Labs customers.



Dewitt Durham

Production Manager

Dewitt ran Klutz Production for 20 years.  Dewitt now works as both Cassidy Labs' Production Manager and is President of Annboli LLC, an international publishing and manufacturing company.




Kevin Plottner


Kevin is a freelance designer who worked with Klutz for decades and now does the bulk of Cassidy Labs' design work.