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The Best Paper Airplane on the Planet

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Awarded Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence, 2015.

Most paper planes would fly better if they were crumpled up.  Not this one.

The "Nakumura Lock" uses seven folds to put the plane’s center of gravity where it’s supposed to be: the center. The magic of flight suddenly becomes more miraculous with a longer flight distance and hang time than any other plane.

This book puts your child right in the cock pit, arming them with tips and tricks that will put them in control of where and how the plane flies. Kids and adults will both benefit from answering important physics questions like, "Why don't planes wear capes?".

Easy as it is to fold, practice makes perfect. So, we’ve provided 35 sheets of perfectly-weighted paper so your kiddos can dial in their engineering skills.

No one likes delayed flights. As always, you can count on free 3 day shipping :).


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