More than just a book, our Books+ products offer engaging learning opportunities by combining easy lessons with hands-on materials.  Whether it's making your own paper airplane, or performing a new magic trick, learning stops being fun when it takes too long.  While patience is a virtue, these two books focus on offering a simple entry into the worlds of magic and flight.

The Best Paper Airplane on the Planet teaches kids an easy folding pattern that will make one of the best flying paper planes known to man: The Nakamura Lock. Kids will learn how to make it, how to correct undesired flight patterns, and a little about the physics of flight. A plane that crashes straight into the ground kills the magic of flight pretty quickly. This book prevents that from happening with a rewarding project that will leave anyone inspired to learn more.

No Practice Magic uses the same model to expose kids to magic and performance. There are too many bulky and expensive magic sets out there that all end up hiding in closets. Many magic tricks are too technical and require a lot of practice. While practice is a great thing to... practice, the first thing a kid wants to do is learn how to PERFORM the trick. They want to surprise their parents, friends, and siblings with something they can do and that no one else can. Any passionate performers will soon find themselves wanting to step up their game... THEN they can check out fancy expensive stuff :).